Roles Trump Tracks – Mostly

Anyone Who Prefers Tracks Over Roles is Delusional. via @fcpxpert1

I’m beginning to need more advanced output options when finishing work in FCPX and I can already see some of the potential power with this metadata-centric tool. However, I know I’m already missing one thing, and probably just the one, so far [four years in FCPX]: Bussing. You could kind of do this in FCP7 by dropping audio and video filters on clips while they were still in the browser, (many complained that there was no effects buss for the master audio buss in FCP7), but of course, PP does this best. I really loved the fact that I could create a realtime mixer from audio tracks that were setup on the timeline, even without clips! So I could have a dialog track with preset EQ and processing and every clip I dropped onto that track took on those charactersitics. At times that is/was a big plus for me, but, still not worth giving up FCPX.

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