An Audio Producer’s Take on the AirPods

I’m sure everyone’s dying to know what I think about Apple’s AirPods, so: 1) Amazing sales numbers considering how difficult it was to order a pair and get them delivered in some more normal time frame. (Checkout for the numbers); 2) They are the best sounding earbuds I’ve heard, wired or wireless. (“Best sounding” is very subjective so here’s my POV: I’m no audio guru, but I have raised a family and funded an IRA for 30+ years working in audio production); 3) In fact, these earbuds do produce an amazing amount of low end, but as with all earbuds, you’re not going to feel it. However, headphones are NOT required to get deep, emmersive low end. Many earphones that are designed to fit into the ear canal, and seal it, will provide amazing low frequency performance, perceptually. Of course, a good pair of isolating headphones will still beat them, but not as much as one might think.

AirPods are not designed to fit into the ear canal, but if they were, you’d get hammered with a lot of perceived low frequency performance. Find some music with a good bass track, or a cinematic action scene and press your AirPods straight into your ears while changing the angle to optimize the test, and hear for yourself – DON’T HURT YOURSELF THOUGH!. 4) For the money, the hype and considering who the developer is, I’m quite disappointed with the lack of on-board features of these earbuds, and it’s getting to be a typical quandary that Apple puts its fans into [I’m a huge Apple fanboy – no apologies] with their hardware – What it does it does well, but there’s so much more it should be doing for the time and expense that we end up waiting and paying for. Let’s see, what else – Nope, that’s it. Cheers.

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