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Twitter versus Developers/Clients/Users

Thanks to Twitter most all of the fine third party twitter apps that are available to date, are losing many of the features they have been able to provide up to this point. In the end it seems evident that Twitter is preparing to implement a subscription paradigm – (Oh please no) – and they’re trying to chase developers away in such a way that no one is overly tempted to litigate.

Twitter has kind of developed a reputation for appealing to a more mature audience and I fit that model perfectly, but for those who really get some meaningful experience with Twitter, you soon discover that it can be a way to get customized “news” feeds that are beautifully blended with blogs, spontaneous comments and specific information about specific items, technology, support – and all of it as narrowly or broadly focused as a user chooses. And, it does it without being Facebook – praise be! It certainly can be more Instagram-like if a person wants to use it that way, and that’s cool too but, I’m just not an Instagram guy and Instagram really isn’t capable of meeting my professional and casual needs they way that Twitter can.

Thanks to Twitter getting more and more stingy with its tech, third-party developers of clients have their hands tied with no longer being able to provide the features that we’ve all become accustomed to. Personally I think Twitter is going to do less well with this strategy – as always time will tell. In the meantime I’m taking the opportunity to go through, and in some cases revisit, other clients just to make sure I’m not missing something. Here’s my take on a few of those apps – short and sweet:

Twitter’s own app, by itself or compared to the others I’ve tried – NO;

Echofon – Meh;

Twitterrific – Is elegant, but is also a nickel-and-dime trap;

Tweetbot by Tapbots @tweetbot – Has been my goto Twitter client for the better part of 10 years and inspite of Twitters BS I’m still going to stick with it after trying out some of the competition.

Some recent reviews on the App Store have complained that there hasn’t been much progress with Tweetbot, but consider this – It’s already very well developed and Twitter isn’t sharing their tech with developers in any meaningful way anymore. I’ve seen a few applications in my life that have actually been completely developed. Sure, you can always change things around, change colors, etc., but from a developmental standpoint there was no where else to go. Arguably, Tweetbot was arriving. My final and most starred praise for Tweetbot is for its virtue in remaining a non-subscription portal into the Twitter-verse. Thank you Tapbots and you never know, Twitter may come back to its senses before it’s too late.